Professional dental Ultrasonic Cleaner

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This Professional dental Ultrasonic Cleaner with an all Stainless Steel tank and body is perfect for everyday professional use in Dental applications. It has a 3 Ltr Ultrasonic Tank with analogue (dial) controls for easy adjustment of the temperature and timer setting if you wear latex gloves. It has been designed for all day, every day use. Included is a stainless steel basket and lid and free UK mainland delivery. 

Although the use of  a Professional dental Ultrasonic Cleaner is not mandatory in dental practices, most dentists have at least one machine that is used throughout the working day. An Ultrasonic Bath ensures that all physical matter is removed from instruments after use.


Most dental instruments will fit into this size of  Professional dental Ultrasonic Cleaner. However, the safest way is to measure the largest instrument than you would want to clean to ensure that it will fit. Please remember that the steel basket that sits inside the machine will reduce the overall size a little. The Professional dental Ultrasonic Cleaner will remove dirt, grease etc. The cleaner can be used for cleaning dental instruments, electronic and mechanical parts. For best results use appropriate cleaning fluid or solvent suitable for the item being cleaned.


Key features:


Professional dental Ultrasonic Cleaner

Capacity: 3 Litre Tank

Heating Power: 100 w 

Cleaning power: 100 w

Cleaning frequency: 40 Khz

Number of transducers: 2

Manual temperature adjustment: 20-80 degrees C

Manual timer adjustment: 0-20 minutes

Includes wire basket


Tank and housing made from Stainless Steel

Tank Size internal: 
(mm)      240 x 137 x 100 deep 
(inches)  9.5 x 5.4 x 3.9 deep

Wire Basket:
(mm)      220 x 130 x 75 deep 
(inches)  8.7 x 5 x 3 deep