Rapizyme Ultrasonic Instrument Cleaner Fluid ( 1 Ltr)

Rapizyme Ultrasonic Instrument Cleaner Fluid (1 Ltr)

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RapizymeUltrasonic Instrument Cleaner Fluid is an ultrasonic cleaning fluid specifically made for veterinarians, tattooists, dental surgeries etc and is designed to clean tough, spoiled instruments. Rapizyme is a highly effective and reliable cleaner. Not only does it provide low foaming, making it more ideal for auto washers and washer disinfectors, but it is also one of the easiest cleaning fluids to use. Rapizyme will break down protein and remove organic matter without you even having to scrub, it is as simple as applying the cleaning fluid, leaving it a while, and then wiping it up. Rapizyme is a very fast and effective option with triple enzyme action and an effective but non-corrosive formula to ensure that it provides the ideal solution, even for the jobs you hate doing, but doesn't cause any damage even to your most delicate equipment.
Rapizyme should be used prior to sterilisation or for a washer disinfector. 

  • Rapizyme Ultrasonic Instrument Cleaner Fluid
  • Makes up to 500 Litres
  • Powerful solubilising agent with complete rinsability
  • Gentle action for delicate equipment and is non corrosive
  • Breaks down protein residues, removes dried blood and other organic matter
  • Specially formulated cleaner with proteolytic enzymes
  • Tested by The Royal Institute of Public Health
  • Biodegradable solution - no environmental or health risks
  • 2ml per 1 Litre dilution in water
  • Ideal for tattooist, veterinarian practices, surgery’s, dentists, doctors, body piercing studio’s, laboratories and applications where having pristine instruments is vital.