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At Dental Ultrasonic Cleaner we offer a fast and professional service at all times. We offer a comprehensive range of ultrasonic cleaners for every day use and I'm always more than happy to have a chat about our products, so please do call on: 01706 950112

I'm a bit "old school" and in this fast moving e-commerce World 
of automated emails, “copy and paste” replies, Facebook and Twitter that we live in, I think a real conversation for five minutes can be worth ten  emails - and gets things sorted a lot quicker. I'm an honest and straight forward kind of person and if I think that one of the ultrasonic cleaners, (or any other item we supply) won't help you, I'll say so and you'll get some fair and unbiased advise. 

Regarding the delivery of your order, it'll be handled as I would want an order of mine handling. Once I've made up my mind to buy something online, I want it dispatching without too much delay. If you purchase from us, I'll get it on it's way pretty quickly. But for those really urgent orders, there is a guaranteed next day option.

All goods have 30 day money back guarantee and of course a 12 month warranty. If you do have a problem with your purchase, it will 100% for certain be sorted out. You can be assured of a prompt and professional service at all times.

I don't hide from customers.

The internet can be quite impersonal at times, with faceless sellers sending automated emails. If you have a question about any of the ultrasonic cleaners, or want to place your order over the phone, please do not hesitate to call.

Bill Pilkington.


Dental Ultrasonic Cleaners

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dental ultrasonic cleaner phone number: 01706 950112
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