• stack of dental ultrasonic cleaners

About Dental ultrasonic cleaners

We offer a dental Ultrasonic Cleaner for professional dental every day use. Whether you are part of a large corporate dental group or a single chair dentist, cleaning dental instruments is vital and we have a dental ultrasonic cleaner to suit your business. Before any medical instrument can be placed in an autoclave for sterilising, it needs to be physically clean which means all traces of dirt must be removed from it and the best way to do this is with a dental ultrasonic cleaner. 

A dental ultrasonic cleaner can be used by podiatrists, chiropodists, tattoo and piercing studios and offer a far more thorough alternative cleaning method to manual scrubbing in the decontamination process. All of our ultrasonic baths are supplied complete with lid and basket.                                       

If you need a dental ultrasonic cleaner for your surgery, our professional range of tanks and baths are suitable for any dental practice and have been designed for everyday use by dentists in a demanding commercial environment. The most popular ultrasonic cleaner sizes for decontamination are the 3 litre, 6 litre and 9 litre models. All the cleaning tanks are made from stainless steel and built to operate quietly in a dental workplace. They are suitable for all day, everyday use and are designed to last.

We are based in West Yorkshire and all of the dental ultrasonic cleaners we sell have a 12 month warranty, so you can make your purchase with the confidence that if you do have a technical issue, it will be resolved quickly.